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    There are a lot of misconceptions out there about how best to train your dog. For hundreds of years people have taught that brute force, intimidation and fear are the only ways to get the results you want from your pet’s behavior but the Dog Training Tutor system aims to dispel all of that false information.

    Primarily, what the Dog Training Tutor is all about is making your dog obedient and erasing all of the bad habits that he or she may display. This digital book and multimedia offer acts as an alternative to paying hundreds of dollars in obedience training and having to transport your dog to and from a certain facility or school. You get all the materials you will need digitally sent to your computer so that you can train your dog in the comfort of your own home.

    Curbing Bad Behaviors

    Everyday people and their pets struggle to get along with one another because of detrimental behavior like digging up your lawn, chewing on your furniture or even ripping apart your clothing. The Dog Training Tutor system offers a way to curb those bad habits and many more. This system is also an affordable alternative to paying a professional an obscene amount of money for a training program that may or may not work.

    The Dog Training Tutor Package

    If you do choose to purchase the Dog Training Tutor package of materials you will have instant access to the entire set. This includes a digital copy of the main book The Dog Training Tutor, a bonus multimedia presentation that brings to life some of the key principles outlined in the book, and two other bonus books written by Kobie Lawson.

    The methods that Kobie Lawson has honed over his life-long career as a pet lover and professional trainer emphasize communication and understanding between pet and master. The Dog Training Tutor package will essentially teach you to effectively communicate with your dog so that you will not need forceful tactics to get him or her to do what you want.

    People who have tried the Dog Training Tutor system had the following to say about its effectiveness:


    “Wow! This book is indispensable. Covers dogs of all temperaments, and ages, from puppy to senior. What a fantastic tool, my Shi-Poo puppy and I will grow together, using this book as our guide. Here's to the "Dr. Spock" how to guide of doggies!!!”  – – Christine Pauli


    “Never has there been so much info packed into one book. This is a book of value, a book of gold. Honestly, whoever wrote this really knows their stuff on dog training. ”  – – Adrian Barrett



    The Dog Training Tutor package comes with a 60 day money refund guarantee. You can get a full refund with 60 days should you choose to.



    60 days is a relatively short amount of time to train a dog.


    Bottom Line:

    Overall, considering all the materials you will get form this package and its relatively low price (about $47) the Dog Training Tutor package is a good deal for anyone looking to own a more compliant dog.

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