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    If you have an ill-behaved dog there is no reason why you have to simply put up with it. The K9 Dog Training Club website offers a great 5 day training regimen that will help you turn the bad habits of your dog into positive practices. The website itself offers a free video that is meant to be viewed over the course of 5 days.

    The main focus of the K9 Dog Training Club website is to ensure dog owners that no matter how young, old or how deeply engrained the bad habits your dog displays are, there is an effective way to train your dog. The videos offered at the site are also easy to follow and the methods are easy to understand. Anyone can train their dog with the help of Dana Gallagher, a professional dog trainer whose videos you will see at the K9 Dog Training Club website.

    Fix Common Behavioral Issues

    There are a lot of annoying tendencies that dogs young and old can display and these are precisely and individually addressed by the 5 free videos offered at the K9 Dog Training Club website. Problems like biting puppies, inappropriate barking and aggression are all addressed in the training system developed by Dana Gallagher.

    Dana Gallagher is a certified professional having received her certification through the prestigious Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She has devoted her life to spending time with dogs, understanding their behaviors and making them more friendly, loving and obedient pets to their masters.

    Many of the dogs that Dana has trained have gone onto win national obedience competitions and they have even been featured in television commercials and movies.

    The 5 Video System

    When you visit the K9 Dog Training Club website, you will find an informative introduction video that will tell you more or less what you can expect from the training course. The training course itself is free of charge, the site only requires that you enter your email address, and consists of 5 in-depth training videos. The first of which goes over the tools you will need, the second will help you train your puppy not to bite, the third video will teach you how to train your dog not to bark inappropriately, the fourth covers doggy housebreaking and the final video is a course in teaching your dog some fun tricks and simple commands.

    The system is very helpful as a user, Christian Louboutin points out,


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    This training system is free and the videos are easy to follow. It is also a force-free method of training so you don’t have to worry about hurting your dog.



    You have no real access to a dog trainer should you need any help or clarification.


    Bottom Line:

    For anyone trying to train their dogs but are on a budget, this website offers some very helpful resources and when diligently applied, the training methods outlined in the videos can significantly improve the behavior of your dog..

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